Tournament Rules
NEBA of Connecticut



1. RULES AND REGULATIONS: The following Rules and Regulations will remain unchanged for the duration of the current tournament season. Interpretation of these rules shall be left up to the Executive Committee under the direction of the Tournament Director. The decision of the Tournament Officials shall be final in all matters.
2. Tournaments: The North East Bass Association, (NEBA) of Connecticut will hold 6 regular season Invitational Tournaments.
3. ELIGIBILITY: a. any member of NEBA of Connecticut may participate in the 6 regular season Invitational Tournaments.
b. No Full-time Bassmaster Elite Series or FLW Pros will be eligible to fish any of the NEBA of Connecticut Tournaments.
c. All contestants must have a minimum of $300,000.00 liability insurance in force on the boat being used in the tournament.
d. Any contestant who has an outstanding financial obligation to the NEBA of Connecticut, (bounced checks, late penalties, unpaid dues, etc.), will be declared ineligible to fish any further tournaments until the issue is resolved. The NEBA of Connecticut will charge a $20.00 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds.
e. NEBA of Connecticut reserves the right to deny any applicant that they deem may be a detriment to this tournament trail.
4. FEES: Entry fees for the 6 regular season Invitational Tournaments will be $120.00 per boat, per tournament. An Optional lunker fee of $20.00, ($10.00 for largemouth & $10.00 for smallmouth) will be collected at the ramp before each tournament.
5. Prizes:
a. Payment for the Regular Season Invitational Tournaments will be 80% of the total pre-registered entry fees collected. This amount will be dispersed as follows:
up to 34 boats 1st place 50% 2nd place 30% 3rd place 20%
35 to 44 boats 1st place 40%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 20%, 4th Place 10%
45 to 54 boats: 1st Place 40%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 15%, 4th Place 10%, 5th Place 5%
55 to 64 boats: 1st Place 38%, 2nd Place 27%, 3rd Place 15%, 4th Place 10%, 5th Place 6%, 6th Place 4%
b. Two additional awards of $100.00 minimum each may be paid from the 80% prize money. These will be the top man/woman and the top adult/youth teams. To award these prizes there must be a minimum of 3 teams participating in the category and the prize money will be increased by $25.00 for each additional team fishing in each category. Note: Adult/Youth, Child can not have reached their 18th birthday by the first tournament, Adult, can be father, mother, grandparent or an adult with written authorization from the child’s parents and approved by NEBA of CT. If a team in these two categories receives a prize from the top places, no additional prize will be awarded to the next highest team in that category.

Registration for all NEBA of Connecticut Invitational Tournaments will be by mail only, to the person listed on the bottom of the application... Registration cut off for mailing balance of entry fee will be a postmark of no later than 14 days prior to each tournament. Exception: Teams, who are not NEBA of CT. members and wish to join the State organization, will be allowed to sign up at the ramp upon payment of all dues, provided that the trail is not full. There will be no new entries accepted after the second tournament. Participants must check in with tournament officials and have their boats in the water by 6:30 am. Any boat arriving at or after 6:45 am will wait to launch until all others have launched and will go to the end of the line no matter what their boat number. Participants may launch their boats in at any state launch they choose, unless assigned a particular launch by State permit requirements. All boat checks and weigh-ins will be at the official tournament site only.
All participants in the NEBA of Connecticut tournaments are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification. Violations of State rules and regulations of the state in which the tournament is being held may also result in penalties and/or disqualification. Boisterous and/or argumentative conduct at a tournament can result in the disqualification and the non-acceptance of applications for the remainder of the season. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs by any participant during tournament hours will be cause for disqualification. A tournament is not considered over until the scales are officially closed by the tournament director. Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially in regards to the general public. No competing boat may fish within 50 feet of another competing boat or within 50 yards of a competing anchored boat with the trolling motor up. Any act by a participant which reflects unfavorably on the NEBA’s efforts to promote fisheries, conservation, clean water and sportsmanship, may be reason for disqualification from the tournament.
Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times. Each participant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved chest type vest life jacket which must be worn and secured anytime the gas motor is running. The operator of the boat must have a kill switch hooked to his person whenever the gas engine is running. All boats must be operated in a safe and sane manner. Any violation of safe boating practices reported to the tournament officials, (prior to the closing of the scales) may be cause for disqualification from the tournament.
Only artificial lures may be used. No live or prepared bait will be permitted with the exception of pork rinds.

Tournament boats must be a minimum of 14 feet in length must have 2 fishing positions and must have an aerated livewell capable of sustaining a Tournament limit of fish... Each boat must have a functioning kill switch. No boat may be powered by an outboard larger than the horsepower rating for that boat. Stick steering boats must not have a motor larger than 40 hp. It is strongly recommended that a courtesy bucket be on board for male participants to use if the need arises. Beaching the boat for female competitors is allowed.
a. Register by mail
b. Check in with tournament officials and get boat in the water by 6:30 am, (anyone arriving after 6:45 will be disqualified). Get boat checked and have ribbon tied to trolling motor.
c. READ and UNDERSTAND any instructional information that you may receive from tournament officials.
d. Fish tournament with 2-person team. In the event of an emergency, one team member may fish alone, (IN NEBA ONLY, if you fish the CBN/NEBA TCT and fish one alone it automatically counts as one of your drops) This is a once per year privilege and includes the Classic qualified for in that year and only 6 fish may be weighed in). Substitutes are not allowed for any NEBA tournaments. One of the registered members of the team fishing the tournament must be at least 18 years in age in order to participate in a NEBA of Ct. Tournament.
e. All tournaments are from 7-3 unless otherwise stated by tournament director.
When returning to weigh-in site, be on time. Make sure that the check-in boat knows your number. Start paddle will be turned in at scales. Any boat not turning in their start paddle will be disqualified. Late penalty is 10 ounces per minute late. After 15 minutes late, the team is disqualified.
f. Tournament Officials will tell you when to remove your boat from the water.
g. A limited number of weigh-in bags will be issued to control the pace of the weigh-in. Once you have a bag you can get your fish and proceed to the scales. Any fish presented to the scales in unofficial bags will not be weighed. You will have to wait your turn to get a bag.
h. Scoring: A courtesy measurement will be given to one fish per tournament, if you request it prior to presenting your fish to the tournament officials. The official measuring board maybe used before the tournament for comparison checking of individual boards. Bass must be a minimum of 12 inches in length. If a fish has been turned over to tournament officials and does not measure the minimum length and a courtesy measurement was not requested, the team will receive a one lb. penalty for each such bass. Tournament scores will be based on total weight caught by the team. Points for yearly standings: 1st place-100 points, and as we work down the list, we descend in one point increments until we reach the teams that didn’t catch fish. We will then drop 3 points and the remaining teams will receive the same number. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass will be weighed. Unless otherwise specified, there will be an 8 fish limit, culling must begin immediately after the tournament limit is reached and at no time shall a team have in their possession more than the tournament limit of fish. If more than the limit is found in the possession of a team, that team will cull down with live Bass to the tournament limit and each returned Bass will result in a 2lb penalty to be deducted from the Teams total weight. Culling of dead fish is grounds for disqualification. If, in the judgment of the tournament officials, any fish has been mashed, mauled or mangled, it may be cause for disqualification. A dead fish penalty of 4 ounces per fish will be deducted from the weight. No dead fish will be weighed for lunker fish.
i. TIES: In case of ties for any position, they will be broken in the following manner: Most Fish, Most Fish released Alive, Largest Fish, and Toss of coin.
PROTESTS: Any participant may protest another; however, the protest must be submitted to the Tournament Director in writing and signed by both contestants prior to the closing of the scales. The protesting participants must be available to confront the accused with the Tournament Officials. If the accuser requests a polygraph test, he is responsible for 100% of the cost up front. If the polygraph test is passed, the accuser pays 100% of the cost. If the accused fails the polygraph test, NEBA of CT. pays 100% of the cost and the accuser is reimbursed. The Tournament Director, at his sole discretion, may request a polygraph test which would be paid for by NEBA of Ct. Any participants that fail a polygraph test will be disqualified and will be ineligible to participate in any further North East Bass Association of Connecticut activities.
ROUTINE COMPLAINTS: Participants may request a complaint form from the Tournament Director at any time prior to the closing of the scales. If you feel that you have a valid complaint about another fishing team, but do not wish to protest, you may file a complaint form and we will talk to the team in question. Both parties involved in the complaint will be invited to discuss the matter and if as a result of said discussion, the complaint is deemed valid, the Tournament Director may issue the team a warning. In the event that the Tournament Director receives three valid complaints about the same team, the third valid complaint may be considered cause for disqualification.
If a written fine is received on the waters during the tournament by a participant and the Tournament Director is notified and receives, prior to the closing of the scales, legal evidence of a violation issued by a proper Law Enforcement Official, this MAY result in disqualification from this tournament.
13 CLASSIC QUALIFICATIONS & CBN/NEBA Team Championship Trail Qualifications:
a. Only teams that are members of the NEBA of Ct. participating in the regular season invitational tournaments will accumulate points as outlined in RULE 11h. NEW: At the end of the regular season we will qualify 10 teams minimum or 20% of the Man/Man teams; by adding the top five (5) highest scoring Tournaments out of six (6) The A/Y and M/W teams will qualify as follows: (Minimum of 5 teams fishing the trail, (in a category), 5 teams fishing will qualify 1 team and we will adjust accordingly for additional teams.
. (The CBN/NEBA TCT will qualify the Team(s) best four (4) out of six (6) tournaments.) The CBN/NEBA TCT will qualify one team for every 25 teams to the TCT Championship. The $30.00 a Team collected at the beginning of the year will be split by the qualifying CBN/NEBA TCT Teams if more than one qualifies.

Adopted as amended February 6th 2017 NEBA of CT. Board of Directors.

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