NEBA of Connecticut

NEBA 2015 End of Year Meeting Oct 11 Minutes
Meeting started at 3:45pm
Present- 15 Teams, enough for any votes & decisions to take place.
Rose & Rose
Morris & Morris
Mayo & Mayo
Pedersen & Pedersen
Tomasini & Tomasini
Hall & Trajanowski
Lizotte & Mastriano
Caye & Pease
Rezendes & Knowles
Garrett & Maiorano
Hammond & Guite (Guite was not present)
Liss & Aleva
Rezendes & Marchetti
Neal & Nedobity
Bordeau & Schmear

Opened up nominations for officers,
• Nominees are:
John Bordeau- President
Dave Schmear- VP
Sylvia Morris-Secretary
Bill Pease- Treasurer
Mark Wilkes -Tournament Director
All running unopposed, Secretary cast one vote for all offices. The above are your 2016 Executive Board for CBN/NEBA Team Championship Trail.

• John Bordeau thanked everyone for a great year. Asked if there were any concerns?
• Kevin Rose suggested we take our Champlain Tournament and move it to the St Lawrence? Voted 8 yes, 7 no. Sylvia said she would check into the process of permitting there, however we already have the permit for Champlain & almost half did not like the idea. Executive Board will review this request and make a decision once we have all the information.
• Tomasini suggested to spread out the Classic monies better as to not load first place and skimp on the other places. Discussed and all agreed. Buzzy will make a new payout and Executive Board will review.
• Garrett Kruger suggested to make the CBN/NEBA Team Championship Classic and Tournament #4
(Champlain) a Two Day Event? Discussed and all liked the idea. The Executive Board is reviewing the possibility and making sure it will work.

• We need to build membership, asked everyone to bring in a new Team for 2016.
• No other business Old or New.
• Meeting Adjourned at 4:20pm

CBN/NEBA Team Championship Secretary
Sylvia Morris